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PolitiFACT website needs to rebrand itself as PolitiFICTION

By: Jim Homyak

Any seasoned legal and lawful researcher who invests any lengthy amount of time delving into what goes on in this country over the past 300 years will tell you one thing:  Governments lie to people to suit that Government Agency's selfishly guarded and money-motivated objectives.

Governments bend the truth and create more store front company entities than are necassary so that both the Territorial Agencies and the Municipal Agencies have their own versions of similar functions -- at taxpayer expense. All of them have separate and distinct sets of books, All of them have Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports. All of them have enourmous sums of value revolving in the markets to back their employee pensions.

Legally speaking, and in all technicality, DOD is different from Department of Defense. The former is run from a different camp and a different street address than the latter. The same goes for all alphabet soup agencies. There are two store fronts for every one. One is Papist or Municipal or Holy Roman Empire in their underpining basis and the other is Territorial in nature.

The Roman court Administrative Magistrates wear black robes. The Territorial Court justices wear Admiralty and Military adornments. Look it up! The Eagle affixed to the top of the mast of their flagpoles are distinct and different for these purposes as well. 

The entire territorial edifice came about during the days of Lincoln when he largely became dishonest Abe.  Read Anna Von Reitz (her pen name) for her thousands of hours in the trenches to root this stuff out. Read Chris Hansen via sedm.org to see thousands of pages and years of reporting to root this out. Those are only two authors out of thousands of authors who've blown the whistle repeatedly. Read brother Richard Anthony where he clearly describes the modus operandi of that THING known as the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT which desparately needs its little LEGAL PERSONS as game tokens to keep their property (your voluntary enslavement) wholly owned in name only at your same street address with MISSOULA, MT 59801 to place your residence in a FEDERAL ZONE with this Missoula location being your particular city where your home is located  --- YOUR CAPS NAME and ADDRESS is what they go by. You give in and accept that by opening its mail, etc.

If this is NOT TRUE, again, then let's get all of our people to vote to fix this mess -- your Name is your Proper Name. 

Parts of your name are given to you from Mom and Dad and part of your name is inherited from the family. You're not born as a bastard monster creature but as your names get joined, then BOOM! You're bastardized.  That THING is created from your stolen identity. You've then became a WARD OF THE STATE without ever being told. Their hope is that you will live 60 or so taxable years and then die without ever figuring this out. The closer you get to figuring it out, the faster these FACT checkers pounce on you to discredit you by referencing prepared commentary to label you as some sort of sovereign citizen - a term that is an oxymoron.  A soverign does not bow down to a government as a citizen would. 

SSA is different from the Social Security Administration. SCOTT COUNTY and COUNTY OF SCOTT and Scott County and Scott County Minnesota are all different, as evidenced by all of them having a different DUNS NUMBER based on the street address of the particular location where they do business.

Of course you will find plenty of LEGAL DEPARTMENTS and plenty of LAW FIRMS that will convince you it is all totally legal and totally lawful. "Nothing to see here folks... shoe now, run along boy; you bother me."

I've recently found 32 various Scott County agencies and the shocking discovery was that all of the original land and soil Scott County agenices shut down after UCC took effect. We see cancelled old DUNS registrations and an entire range of new registry entries at the same street addresses -- and that is just one county. Each having a huge pension balance -- which is FAR MORE than enough to compensate their current roster of up-n-coming living retirees. 

Guess what? Let me ask you this: After an aging Scott County retiree passes away, are these pension payors going to forward their remaining pension balance via a cashiers check to their surviving next of kin? I mean that value belongs to the that family, as that man or woman earned it, right? Ha, dream on!  No, they are not.  What are they going to do with that?  They are going to keep reinvesting in the stocks and bonds markets and run up enourmous cash reserves while at the same time crying like little babies that there isn't enough money to meet their budget... and so the liars vote to raise local taxes. The CAPS NAME REGISTRANT became a collateral for the FIAT financial system, as told to us all years ago -- that is if we know where to find that age old discovery.

Don't even ask them to resolve their mess -- or be ready to be surprised again when you're told that you will have to pay for the cleanup by way of paying the hourly wages and benefits for those needed county workers. Your various names (as many as twenty different styles technically) that they sit there and create through no fault of your own, can be strewn across hundreds of software or database systems - rendering such cleanup nearly impossible with current staffing levels.  

Governments morphed into commercial business corporations right under our noses since the days of Abe Lincoln. More prominently we all see this quite clearly since the days of Uniform Commercial Code being foised as an over-reach across the country after 1954.   They all have a LEGAL NAME to denote their standing as a STATUTORY ENTITY.  You are not going to be permitted to volunteer your time and talent within a corporatized county political agency. Of course they will utilize data privacy concerns as their aim to keep your nose out of their business. (Um, a County Government s supposed to be my business! Especially if born there and living there). This little side story reminds me of the day I was talking with the County Sheriff Lou Falgoust out of Hot Springs County Wyoming. As we were walking up the steps to his doorway, he says, "Come on in... this is your place too, young man."   I took him up on that. He brought me a coffee too. Nice man. Sad to have seen him retire from his service back in those days. 

Corporation Governments need to interact with like-kind entities in their commercial dealings. Therefore, the advent of the BIRTH REGISTRY and the advent of the PROBATE COURT and the advent of the FEDERAL RESERVE and the advent of the LEGAL NAME. We can all see the common thread, even as sixth graders. We were not told that our LEGAL NAME is our enfranchised business token to use under five distinct headings:  FOREIGN, DOMESTIC, NOT FOR PROFIT, ECCLESSIASTIC and MUNICIPAL.

Each and every sub-franchise of the revised UNITED STATES went behind the scenes and booted up the TRUST ENTITIES and ESTATE ENTITIES for each and every registered birth in America after the early 1900's. 

If this stuff is NOT TRUE, then why are we doing this NAME GAME chicanery in the first place? 

They have created a FOREIGN and a DOMESTIC and a ECCLESIASTIC and a MUNICIPAL statutory entity in your name. Then you get precluded from utilizing your actual Trade Name for conducting you own lawful and fair trade.

Governments in this regard, are not doing what they do by accident.  They are doing what they do by well-planned and gradually executed changes at every level of racketeering and complicit criminality. The people are no longer simply American men, women and their sons and daughters. They have become anti- gendered PERSONS which are subserviant to Creator Masters (Gov't Agencies swapped into God's role) and placed on the hook for all sorts of crime that the actual people couldn't possibly be responsible for. 

You don't make a TRUST bleed when you pilfer its assets. Such theft is not like pulling out a knife and comitting an actual stabbing offense. You don't make a would-be home buyer die on the vine as their actual house - they actually bought - by a fictional STATE CREATION but yet not a real flesh and blood being. Why did they (STATES and CORPORATIONS) do this? 

JONH MICHAEL DOE gets bankruptcy protection, as an entity, whereby the DOUGH usury debt load is cast upon his ESTATE without ever telling the actual man what is taking place. John Michael Dough the living breathing man through conversion now gets a certain benefit by playing along blindly within all of this.  He goes along to get along. He is fearful to challenge this truth.

Instead of people being able to own land and enjoy rights, the people have been converted adminstratively to some THING that is no more than a TENANT. If these facts weren't true, then how about we stop the shenanigans? 

JOHN MICHAEL DOUGH ESTATE A CIVILLY DEAD LEGAL PERSON was actually our natual born John Michael Dough as a new little baby just prior to when the conversion happened to him after his Mommy and Daddy followed the so-called resistration process as required by a thieving Hospital. 

Let's call your attention to big name examples:

BURGER KING  (a stautory entity)
DAIRY QUEEN (a statutory entity)
WAL-MART (a statutory entity)

Is John Michael Dough a stautory entity? No, he is not. He is growing up to be a man some day; that is if he is accepting of his being born as a baby boy. He could always later decide to change genders, but that is another PolitiFICTION topic entirely.

However, JOHN MICHAEL DOUGH is the statutory equivalent to fit in as a charge back, a special purpose vehicle, a debtor, a taxpayor, a tenant, a resident, a consumer, a person -- all of which don't necessarily have a pulse; no flowing blood and no biologic natural DNA keeping them alive and breathing.  We know that a PERSON is also considered to be a TRUST, an LLC, a Partnership, a statutory creation that gets its basis in State Statute.  How can that be a living being? Yup. It cannot.

What the PolitiFACT website has done is to blatantly discredit people who have discovered these real problems for Americans.

This isn't just American either. This affects every country on earth that has suffered under the King/Pope tag-team efforts over centuries. The largest RICO and human trafficking entities on earth are governments, the corporations in government and the pilfering low-down lowest anti-elite people (cretins is a word) in my book.  I don't call somebody an elite when what they have grown up to become has amounted from graft, theft, piracy, price fixing, commodity rigging, outright lies and worship at a scary evil alter. In all love and truth, these people have ample opportunty to repent, find the Lord, wake up to creation and get a clue.

They can all be forgiven and re-introduced to honorable and ethical lifestyles -- and to stop harming real people both financially and spiritually.

Instead of allowing the truth to come out, the ones who have proven these truths are labeled as conspiracy theorists.

The monetary alarm bells that are sounding in conjunction with recognizing these problems as conspiracy committed against Americans has amounted into the hundreds of trillions of dollars of losses due to centuiries of theft happening against the NAME IN ALL CAPS while the actual man or woman is not even recognized for their Given Proper Name or nor as free inhabitants upon the land and soil jurisdiction of their unincorporated home state. Their political status took on a default as a baby kid, it is adhered to them for their entire life.  As of today thousands of people are correcting this mess, one at a time.

Has PolitiFACT gone forth and said the well-published quote by Colonel Edward Mandell House in his meeting with then U.S. President Woodrow Wilson is just some twisted conspiracy theory?  I hope not, because if they do this whitewash here, in this important example, that would be more of the impetus to rebrand as PolitiFICTION -- thus throwing away their anti-FACT jargon.

So, that being said, as PolitiFACT continues to push their heavily influenced belief systems, as seen in their retorts, then those  heads-in-the-sand naysayers would schrug it off, go on acting in the ROLE PLAY CAPS willingly and voluntarily.... leaving their heirs with the mess of PROBATE and answering to the STATE OF OHIO (if they were born on Ohio) for the rest of their lives even after death. 

As always, in all the postings at USOA, you the readers are encouraged to reach out and let your voice be heard. These pages on this USOA have been published for a long time. I haven't had one single viewer with the courage to disagree or agree. 

The facts that I publish withstand even the most ardent fact-checker who gets paid to interfere with the dissemination and the truth about how Governments have lied and how the entire theft our our identities have resulted in enourmous wealth transfer in controlling the charge-back foisted upon U.S. CITIZENS due to acquiescence to these fictional monikers.  Again, if these assertions are NOT TRUE, then it is time to put everyone outside of FEDERAL OFFICE back to their actual English Proper Name as Americans who have every right to life, every right to happiness, every right to freedom, every right to good government, every right to self-govern, every right to sound money, every right to reglious freedom ---- all without ever having gigantic lies lead to another Waco, or another Ruby Ridge or another Viet Nam or another World War.

Hi PolitiFACT!

Here's the truth about the Legal Name as told to me by an attorney in foreclosure litigation and nefarious land grabs. When challenged with defrauding the so-called homeowners by way of fraud allegations for numerous types of various fraud that occurs whenever any American mistakenly believes that they've become a homeowner, the angry Lawyer asked, "So you think you can take me to court over this? Great! It will be great to see you in court! It will be great to have the Judge see all the fraud you've been committing!" 

Me, "What fraud? How can I be committing a fraud when I am charging you for constructive fraud, fraud in the factum, malfeasance and barratry?" 

Liar lawyer, "You'll find out soon enough that you defaud yourself every time you think the LEGAL NAME belongs to you. You committ fraud to sign as Authorized Representative for something you actually have no rights to at all. So, see you in court!   As lawyer then slammed the phone down ending our initial discovery attempt. 

Here is a glimpse of just how falsified the FACT becomes when it is all merely a FICTION.

Am sure I'll either get some push back from all of this or they will take down their error.   I very mouch doubt you're ever going to see them recant their obvious mistakes.

So long PolitiFACT! I am no longer in need of your opinions.