The focus of this web portal is -

  • to inform Americans about several important topics
  • to eventually contain my downloadable e-book once my self-publishing has completed
  • to link to a very large number of supportive authors and resources 
  • to empower you in areas you thought were impossible in our lifetimes

Here is an example of what you will find:

Letter to your Bank or Credit Union

Dear Bank President,

Effective immediately, I demand all funds moving into or out of my account(s) to be denominated in lawful money, such as US Notes. This is pursuant to 12 USC 411 and this is my right and my choice.

I will also be endorsing all deposits with this exact verbiage to safely endorse the back of a check and thus denominate the funds in "lawful money" --- as follows:

By: Bank Customer  ©
All rights reserved.
Redeemed in lawful
money. 12 USC 411.

Warm Regards, 

Bank Customer
Acct #


A note from our Publisher ~ Jim Homyak

Also here, you will soon find several letter writing templates you can use to fix what is wrong in America by yourselves, each one of you, just a soon as you discover this information and put it to use.

I am going to present you with a concise and accurate account of the incredibly unruly nature of all the affairs that have taken place to destroy the America we all thought we were supposed to be having. 


Unruly States of Affairs
in The
United States of America

Let's finally recover from the theft of the west