The focus of this web portal:

  • to entertain and generate laughter at first but to then get extra serious about you
  • to inform Americans about several important topics that are not taught in our schools
  • to prod ourselves in deciding what we can do for our sovereign selves and this country 
  • to eventually contain my free downloadable e-book once my self-publishing has completed
  • to link to a very large number of supportive authors and resources who are telling us the truth 
  • to empower you in social, civic and political topics you thought were impossible in our lifetimes
  • to emphasize that Mark Passio, Jim Homyak, Anna Reizinger and James Belcher have completely nailed it regarding the solution - Jim knows this as household dynamics, timeless philosophy and objective morality
  • to encourage readers, in the need to revise and extend and get busy putting these topics into our own words without corrupting the core truths in any way.
  • to get document templates into your hands so you can put some effective changes into place for yourself
  • to present numerous examples of effective documentation and publishing of your own self-governance
  • to prove to you that we can not let them have this world and continue to destroy our lives any more

Here is an example of what you will find at USOA:


Letter to your Bank or Credit Union

Dear Bank President,

Effective immediately, I demand all funds moving into or out of my account(s) to be denominated in lawful money, such as US Notes. This is pursuant to 12 USC 411 and this is my right and my choice. Apply this designation to all of my direct deposits as well.

I will also be endorsing all deposits with this exact verbiage to safely endorse the back of a check and thus denominate the funds in "lawful money" --- as follows:

By: Bank Customer  ©
All rights reserved.
Redeemed in lawful
money. 12 USC 411.

Warm Regards, 

Bank Customer
Acct #


Just a quick hint of what the above "check endorsement" can do for you.... 

A proper restrictive endorsement in lawful money helps to make your tax liability completely vanish. Lawful money is not taxable. You are exchanging for face value in gold or silver coin (lawful money) which had been substituted by Federal Reserve Notes -- which are taxable because those were loaned to the Federal Government at interest through a commercial contract. When you keep doing your check endorsement with a signature only, as we've pretty much all done in our lives, that is the same thing as endorsing the money as if you are converting the check draft (a security) into Federal Reserve Notes. You can tell the IRS Auditor, if that day ever comes, that you endorse your deposits with a "restrictive endorsement" and show them your endorsement... and guess what? They know they have to end the audit and walk away empty handed. There is more to it than that, but it's a start to ending your own participation in the fraudulent money system which started after 1913 by well-exposed criminals and International cartels. 

A note from our Publisher ~ Jim (James Allen) Homyak

Also here, you can now find several letter writing templates you can use to fix what is wrong in America by yourselves, each one of you, justice soon as you discover this information and put it to use. Get ready to learn all about natural law.

Most of my recent templates are downloadable today inside my book, Administrative Record. That is up on the top menu under Books > Administrative Record > Chapter 17.  As I have and make time, I will put a lot more there for you to set yourselves free of this mess our previous American administrations had caused. During our entire lifetimes, the system has operated a "cookie cutter" of years and years of presidential fraud and bank fraud to keep their enormous unjust profits flowing by keeping 92% of Americans enslaved and leading into poverty.

In my book and this website, I am going to present you with a concise and accurate account of the incredibly unruly nature of all the affairs that have taken place to destroy the America we all thought we were supposed to be having.  Why does this happen predominantly? Because YOU are nowhere to be found. Your entire life was taken from you at birth.


Unruly States of Affairs
in The
United States of America

Let's finally recover from the theft of the west



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 About Jim Homyak:  He's kind of a funny guy at times. He can be heard saying that his buddies call him Jimmy and his family calls him Jim and his "everything else" go with James or James Allen.  He has invested a very large amount of his recent years piecing together the huge puzzle we are left with in certain circles - the circle of those who dig in deep. He is adamant about seeking truths and sharing what he finds.  He also invites people to challenge and debate what he's doing, finding, writing, etc.  However, most people haven't a clue what he talks about, because people just seem to like to go along with everything taught in school, etc. without question. How dare somebody go against the main stream?  Who cares about "American History" when we have "U.S. History" to supercede that? What that means, is that people who could make a difference go on to do very little else regarding the unruly states of affairs caused by some THING we're affraid of. What thing?  I'll tell you. It's COMMERCE and the UCC and that marriage with GOVERNMENT, the incorporated ones -- the faschist technocracy that's enveloping us all. [It] will not stop what is happening to America. Writers, pundits and media are going to be stuck at Phase 1 according to the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, who once said that all truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.  So, does this mean Jim hasn't got a chance? Nope. We, he and you, have every chance. We haven't united America yet in our lives, not since the early 1860's. Jim, Jimmy, James does not create a monster of himself by plastering JAMES ALLEN HOMYAK all over tarnation like its creator(s) did / does / do - a STATE OF MINNESOTA entity, which got its start by a UNITED STATES entity, and then a CITY OF BROOKLYN PARK entity gets into the action too. They (a Congress) got together to create the THINGs. It wasn't for Jim to know. They joined his given name to his family name, and that's it, their monster.  A HUMAN RESOURCE!  Jim-Jimmy-James is a retiree through and through. He's not in Commerce, not anymore. Hopefully nevermore. How about you readers? Look at your Birth Certificate. See anything strange? Oh, wake up Jim, that's the LEGAL NAME you weirdo!  Dah!  Now it has to be those darned pesky lawyers at it. We knew it. LEGAL PEOPLE. Jim is here for you. 


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