By: James Allen Homyak

These are the questions to ask while attending a taxation trial, after you have demanded a speedy jury trial according to your rights to due process and a fair and impartial hearing before a non-biased Judge and Jury.

Question 1:  Is there visible intent or delegated authority in the three variations of the U.S. Constitutions to make or force a free man or woman, to consent to being treated as a taxpayer, as in signing his or her name?

Yes or no?

Question 2:  Is there visible intent or delegated authority in the three variations of U.S. Constitutions to tax any of the rights that "We the People" have secured to us therein?

Yes or no?

Question 3:  Is there visible intent or delegated authority in the three variations of U.S. Constitutions to make or force a free man or woman to swear or affirm?

Yes or no?

The truthful answer to all three questions is NO! 

If they say, “Yes,”  remind them that if they cannot show the enabling clause from a Constitution or a Federal Register, which all of the JURORS should have in front of them in order to try the facts, you will charge them with perjury [lying to the JURY] and press charges via indictments in both their public and private capacities, as they would have lost their immunity by committing fraud and criminal tort against you.

Nobody can make the free men and women put their signature on anything! 

The governments, Union, State and Federal, or U.S.A. or U.S., Inc. cannot tax the natural birthrights God gave us, His children, because there is no jurisdiction over us -- unless we were to actually physically harm someone or someone's property. 

Nobody can make a God-fearing American swear or affirm because it contradicts what the Holy Books command us not to do:

But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation.”   James 5:12 

Where have the Bible churches6 been since the first 1040 form was printed and filed and the IMF3 took over the U.S. Treasury? 

If the 1040 Form is not signed by you, it is as if you had never filed because without that voluntary signature they have no jurisdiction. They couple your W44 with your 10404 to open and close a tax year.

Our natural born sovereign people have 1st class birthrights, but not those privileges granted to 2nd and 3rd class U.S. Citizen persons or resident alien persons!

A "Person" is a commercial/trade thing. A "Resident/Person" is an owned thing5 identified in commerce.

This whole deception of the posterity of the founding fathers is based on them not knowing who they are, namely a natural born sovereign people of the united States of America, as an American.  Next time you meet with the IRS persons who can't even prove the IRC was ever enacted into law, ask them if they can make you sign the 1040 form and see what they say!  Make government workers prove their delegated authority to do things!

Foot Notes:

1. There is an agency instrumentality of the IMF doing business as the I.R.S. located out of New York.

2. An instrumentality is doing municipal business as the Internal Revenue Service at Washington, D.C.

3. The IMF is the International Monetary Fund, doing business with person's affairs from Puerto Rico.

4. Fraud vitiates all it touches. As you sign I9, W4, 1040 and government forms, you commit fraud.

5. Your parents did not know their birth certificate and social security applications made you a slave.

6. 501c3 Churches are as complicit in tax fraud, because from their pulpits they preach taxation.