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Transitioning Your Business from Public to Private

March 22, 2021|Business

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Transitioning your Business

New Business

As a State National or State Citizen, when you are starting a new business, then you simply name your business as a private family business. I've named mine as Homyak Systems. Do not contract at all with the State of State... as whenever you do, they [The State] become a third party contractor in your business and they compell you to stay abreast of many a public policy.

Do your Certificate of Assumed Name and write in the business name in that document, record it on the Land Recording Office.

You will need a Common Law Agreement for work that you are doing with your private customer. Such agreement documents need to be very simple.

  • I will perform this work (description) for $XX per hour or per piece
  • My hours will be, XYZ
  • My completion will be XYZ or however best describes what is to be done
  • Outline roles and responsibilities
  • Either party has the right to end the agreement if there is not honor

Banking is problematic because they just don't have what we need.

But you can open an account in a credit union (stay away from Central Banks) as a non-interest bearing account.

Autograph your application with your by: First Middle Last ©, All Rights Reserved, Without Prejudice

You can add " Redeem all money as lawful money per 12 USC 411" on the application.

You will also need to send a letter to the Credit Union Bank President asking to do the same.

You can ask them to put this in your client file: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/12/411.

It the Credit Union has signature cards, be sure to use your:

by: First Middle Last ©,
All Rights Reserved,
Without Prejudice


Once you have confidently proceeded with the above steps, you may then construct a document for your business similar to what is pictured below.