By: Jim Homyak

December 2022 (gregorian)

We all have a choice. If you want to be an American, you define the blessing by beginning your story of your life right from where you were born.  Are you a slave person or a free man or woman?  Were you a child of a military person who was not present the day of your birth? 

Going back up the chain, we find you, a state born child who has grown up to become a triplicate. When you have established the "when" or the "how" you have been presumed upon as a child, you will have to deal effectively with your steps. Many of us had a parent write and sign standard hospital state forms. That is generally the doorway to being presumed a U.S. Citizen (both territorially 'U.S. Citizen' and municipally 'citizen of the United States' and by the state (non-profit home State agency franchise).  

What they all have is businesses serving them, and whereby its citizen people have to go along with services provided by such contractors and sub-contractors in UCC code treating Americans as VESSEL IN COMMERCE without telling them boo about this truth.  They created for themselves and internal chargeback conduit and they have to sneek you in to fill in for it, belive you need a lawyer for it, etc. But why? They're theives and predecessors were at it so long they sewed it up.... hundreds of years. They foisted a con game. 

The common ground we find is this:

At some time during the 1970's we saw the introduction of commercial corporations in all sorts of places we went. Schools, Gas Stations, Grocery Stores, Doctor Offices, Churches, the local Bar, Airports, Golf Courses, you name it. Everything began to commercialize their operations.  The words, "Hey Joe, glad to see you back, what'ya need today? and replaced with 'Sir one moment, be right with you."

Uniform Commercial Code
The Uniform Commercial Code, first published in 1952, is one of a number of Uniform Acts that have been established as law with the goal of harmonizing the laws of sales and other commercial transactions across the United States through UCC adoption by all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the Territories of the United. 
Sales from whom to whom?
You get labeled when you are regarded AS DOING BUSINESS IN COMMERCE so that you are held to the standards of the applied business policies. The word used to describe you is "customer" and without a doubt that's the word used when you sell to someone who plans to resell continually as a business to business deal. But wait just a minute. Let's say you're going to keep what you buy with the intent to keep it forever and hand it down to your family to keep as an heirloom, etc.?  You have that right.  Yes, this means you are Not In Commerce?  Right? Yes!!   That is how you leave commerce and stop the presumption that you are a vessel, as a ship, carrying goods to sell, etc. 
Nothing I Buy Is FOR SALE 
The truth that nothing of yours is for sale, is a complete surprise to people in the main stream. How many ever thought of it? 
Your buying and selling, especially when done with commercial bank credit, is fully under the presumption that you're a "sub-American" meaning your legal person in play. 
• the 2nd or 3rd class Person or
• PERSON doing business as a U.S. Citizen, (a resident citizen person [read: sole proprietor] of the british territorial Queen Monarchy's holding company, named the same ALL CAPS NAME style as one of America's Federal Government's subcontractor under private commercial law.
The people have not been allowed to live and survive under the public law. They've done it to our detriment, to our expense, to our demise. That is why I followed the difficult path to ween off possessions and focus on needs by going OUTSIDE the system, and I tell everyone. What do I gain?  It helps me keep them on the hook for returning my assets. 
We need a new money driver
We need a new money driver.  A new penny stock where the future value of a .01 cent share becomes the basis of the value of the thing is that's different. 
We make a 1,000 dollar pledge to buy 100,000 penny stocks in our new currency system. The growing value of our share price is dirrectly proportionate to our earnings.  So for example, we have 100,000 investors who each invest 1000 dollars, that means we will have 10 billion shares held. The company then also has 100 Million dollars to create a 40 Billion dollar company.  That will turn the 100,000,000 into shares valued at $108.00 up from .01 cent. 

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