Questions for would-be Home Buyers in the 50 States of America

By: John Doe Workerbee

Are you entering the 'real property' market to become a 'home buyer' while thinking you're just an ordinary American?

Think again! 

Let me ask you that a few different ways and help open you up to learning something you had better learn.

I would hope you can learn about the manner in which your identity (your Given Name) was stolen from your Mommy (and your very likely disregarded mute Daddy) by the STATE and FEDERAL cartels which had usurped upon your STATE OF STATE purported Government Agencies (example listed below) which have taken your identity and conscripted your good name by a fraudulent conversion. YOU GOT yourself NATIONALIZED, FEDERALIZED and then OFF-SHORED into the international jurisdiction of the Air and Sea as a tiny baby. They did nothing to deserve to steal you. Then after all of that they enFRANCHISED your IDENTITY to create their franchise out of you so that you would happlessly stand-in for the rest of your life as their PERSON within their Office of Person as their 'Internal' for taxation and beneficiary or trusteeship purposes. It was always only about your 'revenue' all along. Your INTERNAL REVENUE to be serviced. 

A 'man' or a 'woman' is not what or who is about to 'purchase' or 'own' anything! 

Read on in suspense... 

No longer are you an American once all of this nonsense (above and below) happens to you as a helpless baby and  a young son or daughter.

You are then converted administratively at about a week old into a PERSON who 'gets to' grow up in a roll-play as a stood-up 'Authorized Representative' with 'signatory authority' to put your wet-ink onto various LEGAL paperwork as you get beyond the tender age of 18 or 21. A company made your LEGAL IDENTITY and now you move it into action without giving that a second thought.  (Mind you: Pirates are doing this to all of us.)

Okay. You want to close on your home loan? Here you go... Read and re-read to let this sink in.

1. Start with the beautiful property/home you want. At this stage you've got nothing yet. BUT YOU MUST say something to the effect, that, "YES I AM A U.S. CITIZEN" (by lying to yourself, and everyone else). Nobody cares that you are a Kentuckyan or an Ohioan or a Texan, or a Floridian (et alia) because those State Citizenships are the real Americans. The commercial bank is NOT inclined or permitted to do business with a real American. Why not?  Because the BANK is a CORPORATION and a FRANCHISE.  The U.S. CITIZEN LEGAL PERSON in name only is NOT an American but a Franchise. It is a Monopoly Game Token more or less. It is a FOREIGN CORPORATION or a TRUST whereby the lying STATE gets the claim before the happless man or woman get the claim against the STATE'S own FRANCHISE.

Those who claim to be a United States Citizen while they are actually NOT even eligible to be one, are in effect lying to everyone.

How else can the deal be done though?

You HAVE TO lie?

Yes. You have to lie.

You don't even know that you are lying.

Did you go into Court to put yourself in front of the Court, raise your right hand, left hand on a Bible, to pledge your conversion and allegiance to the STATE/FLAG/COMPANY?

We didn't.

Did you serve in elective State or Federal Office?

We didn't.

Did you enter the U.S. Military?

We didn't.

Did you become a U.S. Government Employee? 

We sure didn't. 

Then why all the lies. omissions, half-truths and fraud?  Because we want that home that we can't afford to buy and pay in full, so we need to access our purloined credit which had been established for us as remedy back in the early 1930s'. ( ( ( 

2. Begin putting your authorized LEGAL SIGNATURE on a pack of papers. (LEGAL means BAR ASSOCIATION. What other entity on this planet gets to create is own accredited Licensure to push the Court around in a manner in which  WE HAVE TO HONOR?) (It is smoke and mirrors) You are now signing for something but you have got ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what is really just about to take place (with a Commercial Bank) (as you begin stepping into 10+ years )(maybe even 30+ years of fraud you are going to be committing unbeknownst to you.).

3. Pages 1-2 - Promissory Note - (Wait, how can you make a promise to pay when the 'Bank' won't even accept your 'cash' to make your house payment? Ah! Right! FRN's are NOT negotiable. They are un-backed Military Scrip. But [THEY/They/they] (a Bank Teller) will accept your CHECK as a payment -- which is just another security, Is it not?) (Ah. Like for Like!) (An in-kind exchange.)

4. Pages 3-20 - Mortgage - (Wait, how can you agree to give your house back in a default condition when you don't own it by way of valid copnsideration?) (You cannot!) (How can one be able to sign a mortgage and thus GRANT a MORTGAGE at this stage? Easy!!! You created the money with your signature. Your Lender's Bank facilitated your fraud by all the interstate and international conversions done with YOUR LEGAL NAME identity, while you are none the wiser. Wait. How does the Bank get in that first position when the actual value to finance that purchase money check comes from you -- in reality?)

5. Pages 21-115 - Huge Packet of Papers - When you are not given complete full disclosure of the TRUE NATURE of what is about to take place administratively in YOUR LEGAL NAME (standing fictionally in all caps as a CORPORATION) you are about to 'legally bind something' that does not even belong to you in the first place! You are just as guilty now of ALL the constructive fraud that your pretender-lender is guity of.  They're all colluding to induce you into expansive layers of various types of fraud; then you detrimentally rely on their lies, omissions and half-truths. Every signature you scratch down is another count of securities fraud, constructive fraud, fraud in the inducement, personage crimes, impersonation crimes, complicity crimes, counterfeiting crimes, and more. As a buyer or if married, as a co-buyer, you aren't intending to be malicious. As a Federal Reserve Bank they get to be malicious based upon your written approval without YOU (the plural of you all) even knowing what [YOU/You/you] are doing to YOURSELF/Self/selves.

6. How many people get that packet analyzed (a forensic audit) prior to executing it?  So-called 'Lenders' really don't like it when people demand that opportunity. If a Loan Officer senses for even a split-second that you're going to analyze and audit ahead of time, they will try to end the engagement to move on to their next easy-pickings. So you give in -- and get your packets executed without doing any REAL due diligence. You get an unsigned copy back (later or during closing) which has nobody else's signatures to bind YOUR LENDER to the responsibility of deceiving everyone in the entire chain a Title right along with you - six ways to Sunday, (er' ah' the next 1,560 Sundays.)

7. This entire stack, of every entity involved with you on paper, has no idea of their fraud. Yet if their Head Honcho knows in secret, they go along with it (lips zipped) for the tons of paydays stacked on top of the fact that they bring no valid consideration to the table. THEY STEAL FROM YOU. THEY WANT YOUR HOME FREE AND CLEAR or they want your full-term payoff... all based on ZERO actual consideration. It is against the LAW for a bank to lend other people's money. So HOW do they do it? "It's proprietary!" (read; It is all lies that you bind yourself into. If you were told the truth you would never do the deal.)

8. You move into your new house. You are excited to become a new owner. You've gotten your entire estate taken for a ride without even knowing it. Then one day you die. Who comes first? THE PROBATE COURT! You failed to buy your Home/Land/Property as a Trustee on paper - to actually make Your Heirs own it - to completely side-step the Fake Probate process after your death.

9. Now you're on the hook for all of this,.. Prinicpal, Interest, Taxes, Insurance, Double-dipping Utility Companies, lying and stealing Government entity sub-contractors --- on and on.

10. As you live out your days, believing somebody else's money was loaned to you, you spend even more of your hard-earned money to try increasing your equity / home values over the years. Otherwise not much of a house, right?  NOTHING could be further from the truth. (Know this: Money is Debt. A stack of 100 Dollar Bills is prima-facie evidence of a Debt. United States Dollars are Below Zero. Huh? What? Think about it. America's United States Dollar (or Federal Reserve Note) is borrowed into existence to be paid back at interest. THAT kind of monetary system is NOT what founded this country. (The foreign cartels snuck back into the country around the days of 1812 through 1954 TO DEEPLY DESTROY THIS ONCE GREAT COUTRY.)

Enter the fraud-laced Central Bank

Their centuries old unspoken yet premeditated expectation is that you will fail in keeping up your end of the 'contract' when they know they can then swoop in and steal everything from you either judicially or non-judicially depending what STATE OF STATE FRANCHISE your deal was underwritten within. They get you into Arbitration Agreements too, so that you haven't got much of a leg to stand upon when you learn you've been rooked. Mention your unhappiness? Hope not! You'll get accellerated in an instant. Pay in full or move out!  (At item 3 above was a Payment In Full otherwise you would not have had any standing to sign or grant a Mortgage in Step 4) 

But how can they do that?

It is only because YOU agreed to the contract and you 'signed' it. There is no other way! You signed to agreed to pay bogus and fraudulent property taxes. You agreed to pay 10, 15, 20 or 30 years or more of bogus interest. You agreed to become a homeowner but that huge pile of paper regards you as TENANT. (A Tenant is a Renter.) (You let yourself be regarded as a 'Resident' which is a bald-faced lie because nobody told you that your LEGAL PERSON acting capacity is that of a dirty foreigner.) What are you really owning? A pile of papers which is a contractual obligation.

What happened to that ordinary American? 

Do you even know what a 'Resident' is? Look that one up in Black's Law Dictionary. As a Corporation, you have to play your game token inside a mess that was never designed for the ordinary man or woman. The whole legal code is defined around PERSON which can also be a non-living breathing THING IDENTIFIED or another fancy form of PROPERTY owned by its Creator -- the STATE OF GEORGIA if that's where you entered into this existence via the aid of some happy Hospital Administrator doing the cartel's bidding to steal your identity through the fraudulent Birth Registry.  

At the end of your 'Home Buying Experience'...

You've just concluded making all kinds of legal decisions (as your secret TRUST ENTITY running an Estate Herein) and legal manuvers which you are NOT qualified to be making. You've just aided and abetted. How many Home Owners take their trusty Law Counselor to their home closing?  We didn't  Those commercial lending head honchos are laughing their behinds off at the sheer stupidity that ordinary people accept as fact, to live on in contrived peace being enslaved into believing in the babylonian voodoo black magic of easy money and easy credit.

I encourage you to look up and read 'Credit River Decision' and I encourage you to look up 'Top Secret Banker's Manual' and I encourage you to demand to completely 'rewrite the fraud right out of your lending package' before they pull a fast one on another unsuspecting victim. If you find yourself thinking about the Courts in this kind of matter, it is time to study from experts in order to have a shot at winning in Court now

Americans have the constitutionally protected right to have equal access to the monetary system of this country, but when we put lying and cheating corporations up to this task for us and with us, we CANNOT expect them to have and protect our best interests.... expecially when they know a U.S. Citizen is a foreign capacity that cannot actually be more than a plain ordinay renter who gets happily lied to for your whole existence.  

Below is a sampling of the CORPORATION GOVERNMENT and its plethora of SUBCONTRACTORS which are staffed by people who would simply be fired from their jobs (or murdered) if they had any idea of the huge fraud (or courage to mention knowing one peep about it).

Is it any Guess What? then:

Nobody will speak up because they all have their own livelihoods to consider when drawing their measly paychecks of 'below zero' payroll.

Think of the Doctors who knew the Covid Shot was a bio-terrorist ploy yet they were fired for objecting to it (but that's beside the point).

Here Are Your Loan Fraud and Identity Theft Complicit Agencies (All states offer up a similar list to protect Liar Lenders)

Alabama State Banking Department
Arkansas Securities Department
Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Division of Real Estate
Florida Office of Financial Regulation
Georgia Department of Banking and Finance
Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation
Indiana Department of Financial Institutions
Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions
Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions
Maine Office of Consumer Credit Regulation
Maryland Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation
Massachusetts Division of Banks
Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Minnesota Department of Commerce
Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance
Missouri Division of Finance
New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance
North Carolina Commissioner of Banks Office
Ohio Department of Financial Institutions
Pennsylvania Department of Banking
South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs
South Carolina Office of the Commissioner of Consumer Finance
Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions
Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending
Virginia Bureau of Financial Institutions
West Virginia Division of Financial Institutions
Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions

Oh what to do? You write to your Governor? Your Senator? Your Congressman, etc, etc, to no avail?

Well I am hear to tell you -- when you are presumed to be a U.S. Citizen you are presumed to be an INTERNAL INSTRUMENTALITY having no voice after you got on board to go along to get along. Why do that? Ah! For the benefits. Oh. I see. For bankruptcy protection. For robbing Peter to pay Paul in your retirement social security years way off in the distance. 

Here is the solution:

1. Become a declared American -- either a State National or a State Citizen as an Adult. Correct Your Political Status. Correct Your Commercial Status. You have to conduct your own detailed processes on paper and then publish all of that everywhere to begin to change your life in very serious and awesome new ways.

2. Now as a newly declared state inhabitant and actual American again (like being Born Again?), you will carry the clout to rectify the mishcief you'll be getting yourself out of when you 'thought' you bought a home predicated on all the lies this industry pushes at you. By cloaking yourself in falsehood, done in layers, you have got to undo those layers pretty much in the exact reverse order. 

3. Learn how to live within your means so that you don't have to wrap yourselves up into lies that are only designed to STEAL from you, over time, in every way imaginable. I mean look at us now: Our Great Grandson's Great Grandson's aren't going to see the end of the current debt load we're duped into respecting in this County. Not for 500 years into the future under the currently falsified bookkeeping systems.

4. Ask me how to do this stuff. Ask yourself if you would rather live a lie or if you would rather live in truth. Actually if you already know me, as do some of my blended family, I will likely write you some other essays which will clearly direct you to figure it out for your own smart sane self.

5. Access the credit that is YOUR CREDIT without allowing liar's hands into your pockets. You are owed millions (if not Billions) and millons of units of credit to work the system for yourself instead of being worked by pirates who'd gotten their century old stature by way of your ancestor's ignorance and/or nescience. 

6. Have lots of moments in silence to honor your Creator and seek the devine guidance you will need to navagate the shark infested waters known as 'Central Bank' governed Nations. 



Looking back on John's essay in retrospect...   it would be easy for the secular world to label John as a loser if he gets himself into a Home Loan only to later find out he was lied to so heavily.  Oh Poor John!  Got in over your head?  Oh poor John is right! He unknowingly gave unjust enrichment to theives and criminals by buying in to their lies and proved to everyone he presumably understood his role in their franchise.