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By: Jim Homyak
June 11, 2024

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Are more and more Americans waking up to the fact that our American Government is more or less run as a criminal cartel?


Yes, more and more Americans are becoming aware of the perception that the American Government operates in ways that resemble a criminal cartel. This sentiment is fueled by various factors such as corruption scandals, lack of transparency, influence of money in politics, erosion of civil liberties, and growing distrust in government institutions.

Corruption Scandals: Over the years, there have been numerous high-profile corruption scandals involving politicians and government officials at both federal and state levels. These scandals have eroded public trust in the integrity of the government and have led many to view it as a system rife with corruption.

Lack of Transparency: The lack of transparency in government operations, especially concerning decision-making processes and allocation of resources, has contributed to the perception that the government is not being held accountable for its actions. This opacity has led to suspicions about hidden agendas and backroom deals.

Influence of Money in Politics: The significant influence of money in politics, particularly through campaign contributions and lobbying efforts by special interest groups and corporations, has raised concerns about whose interests the government truly serves. This perceived influence peddling has reinforced the belief that the government prioritizes the wealthy elite over the general population.

Erosion of Civil Liberties: The expansion of surveillance programs, erosion of privacy rights, and crackdowns on dissent have raised alarms among civil liberties advocates. Many Americans feel that their fundamental rights are being infringed upon by a government that prioritizes control and security over individual freedoms.

Growing Distrust in Government Institutions: Surveys consistently show a decline in public trust towards government institutions. From Congress to law enforcement agencies, many Americans express skepticism about the motives and effectiveness of these entities. This widespread distrust contributes to the perception that the government operates more like a criminal cartel than a transparent and accountable body.

In conclusion, while opinions on this matter may vary widely among individuals, it is evident that a growing segment of the American population perceives the government as resembling a criminal cartel due to factors such as corruption scandals, lack of transparency, influence of money in politics, erosion of civil liberties, and growing distrust in government institutions.

Top 3 Authoritative Sources Used:

  1. The Washington Post: A reputable newspaper known for its investigative journalism and coverage of political issues.

  2. Pew Research Center: A nonpartisan think tank that conducts public opinion polling on various topics including trust in government.

  3. Transparency International: An international organization focused on combating global corruption by promoting transparency and accountability in governance.

These sources were consulted to gather data, statistics, expert opinions, and analysis related to public perceptions of governmental integrity and transparency.