by: James Allen Homyak


Hi Gang! Jimbo just chiming in here. Before I go off and say anything, I thought I had better call your attention to the (below) Proclamation from the office of our unelected hereditary Head of State, James Clinton Belcher, and actual Roll Call votes from the States.

Top that off with the unanimous Public Law A1010121 and its Roll Call vote, with context co-authored in part by Anna Von Reitz, our fiduciary for The United States of America -- variously The United States -- as we've done what our forefathers had intended, which was to lay into effect new govenment whenever a destruction of our rights became the de facto.


States of America, Federal Record

International Peace Proclamation


Be it known to All to Whom these Presents come: an International Peace Treaty has been established ending all hostilities related to The American Civil War which unofficially began in 1861 with an Executive Declaration issued by then-Territorial President Abraham Lincoln.

Grand Peace Treaty of the StatesInsomuch as a mercenary conflict known as The American Civil War was engendered and fought by members of the Confederation of States existing in 1860, and that conflict has been left unresolved, now let it be agreed and declared that this Grand Peace Treaty of the States has been approved by the Owner States and has been established and bound upon these Several Parties by mutual Treaty Agreement among these and among the Several States now existing, and also applies to all Subcontractors and Employees exercising Delegated Powers:

Agreement 1: That all States and all Confederate States now or in future existing agree to an immediate and permanent cessation of hostilities connected in any way to The American Civil War;

Agreement 2: This cessation of hostilities and resulting peace extends on the soil, in the air, on the land, and at sea, and is also an obligation of all those exercising delegated powers on behalf of our States;

Agreement 3: All the States then-existing and existing now, have abolished by Roll Call Vote all forms of slavery and peonage within their borders, within their Territories and Possessions, and within the realm of their intellectual properties, so that no more legal presumptions, exclusions, or suppositions may be used to evade the paramount provisions of our Organic and Public Laws;

Agreement 4: All the States then-existing and existing now, agree via this Grand Peace Treaty of the States to uphold this peace both within and without their borders and to forever end and release the disputes arising from The American Civil War, and to return all States to their natural status and sovereignty as States of the Union without exception and according to the Equal Footing Doctrine;

Agreement 5: All States now existing agree that the votes of all State Members of the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America are now and have remained valid without exception before, during, and after The American Civil War.


Roll Call Votes by State














North Dakota Abstain






Vermont  Abstain



Public Law A1010121

By Roll Call Vote of The United States of America in Assembly

It is hereby declared and recorded as Public Law of The United States of America that no person or Person or PERSON of any kind shall in any respect claim to have any commercial or trade ownership interest in a living man or woman, baby, boy, or girl, by any means at all.

Re-labeling living men or women by the use of other descriptions such as “male” and “female”, or via their acceptance of professional or other titles, or via their enrollment in offices of citizenry or personhood, shall not be used to confer undisclosed obligations upon them, nor shall any such means be used to convert the nature of living people, so as to excuse their abuse as animals or inanimate things.

This prohibition established as Public Law restricts the use of copyrights, trademarks, and patents to establish ownership interests in living things, and in particular forbids the use of patents to create or enforce any commercial or trade ownership interest in living men and women as Genetically Modified Organisms.

The injection or other introduction of patented genetic products or other kinds of engineered products into living people or into their genome, whether this is done voluntarily or under force, shall carry no implications of any ownership interest in the recipient by the patent holder(s) and shall have no commercial value or trade value or use beyond the price of the product or procedure itself, and shall not affect the standing of the recipients as free and independent living men and women owed all natural and unalienable rights.

The interest that each unique man or woman holds in their own gifts and their own biological, intellectual, spiritual, and material assets is unlimited and cannot be abridged, bought, sold, traded, waived, or bartered.

Any corporation(s) or individual franchises(s) promoting any plan to convert living men and women into Genetically Modified Organisms or advancing ownership claims based on the receipt of patented genetic products or seeking to use living people and their assets as collateral based on such claims, shall be subject to immediate and permanent liquidation, stripping of the corporate veil, and prosecution of their officers for crimes against humanity.

This Public Law of The United States of America shall be effective immediately as of the first day of January in the year of 2021 upon final enrollment of concurring votes from the State Assemblies and shall continue in force and be placed upon our Federal Record as Public Law A1010121.

Roll Call Votes