Administrative Record

By: James Allen Homyak
As published on Unruly States of Affairs

Chapter 7

Activities Previously Done In Commerce

I used to have a membership with a buying club where the company had showrooms and catalogs to review at their location. Orders for products would ship to their location where I would travel to pickup my order for taking home with me. That organization is still mailing flyers to me but they are continuing to use an address which places my name as a Federal US Citizen. I will write them a notice which requires them to correct errors in their record in order to continue to remain in contact with me. If they refuse to oblige, then I will ask them to cease contact with me because of the fact that I am unable to receive and use their mailings as addressed. The same goes for any company that sends me anything in the mail.

My recording work has led me to being able to produce a recent list of Entities I have bought goods or services from.

I had taken careful steps to tell certain companies that I do not ascend to the level of "CUSTOMER" because I have no intention of reselling the item for profit or any business capacity. Instead, I remain a happy end user and I expect to hand down my belongings to my heirs.

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In The Beginning
Front Cover Jacket
Chapter 1 - My Own (a kin to Your Own) Natural History
Chapter 2 - American Government Fraud 24/7
Chapter 3 - United States of America vs. United States
Chapter 4 - Correcting Errors in the Record
Chapter 5 - American National State Citizenship
Chapter 6 - Ownership Records
Chapter 7 - Activities Previously Done In Commerce
Chapter 8 - Communications Record
Chapter 9 - Places Where I’ve Lived
Chapter 10 - Places Where I’ve Worked for pay to survive
Chapter 11 - Have I Lived or Worked on State or Federal Land?
Chapter 12 - Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right
Chapter 13 - My Own Kindom Domain
Chapter 14 - Documents to finalize
Chapter 15 - Open Notice to all Government Employees from the bottom up
Chapter 16 - Listing of Entities I have been associated with as follows
Chapter 17 - Listing of my Document Templates
Table of Authorities
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Free Inhabitants and American Nationals Administrative Record

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