Administrative Record

By: James Allen Homyak
As published on Unruly States of Affairs

Chapter 5

American National State Citizenship

One of the most effective American citizenship statuses that I chose to adopt and support is perhaps the most obscured and least understood. To comprehend American law, one needs to begin with the Organic Laws for the united States of America, which is the Front Matter from Book One of the U.S. Code which include the following four parts:

Here is my American State National Credentials Card, front and back

James Allen Homyak, American State National

This credential card clearly establishes that I am well aware, my home state Minnesota is lawfully the basis of my nationality -- Minnesotan. I use this instead of any corporately issued ID which could NEVER be me. Instead, this identification credential is produced by the unincorporated national government, The United States of America. We stand for peace and freedom. I am recognized by the unicorporated Minnesota Assembly, our lawful government on the land and soil jurisdiction.

Table of Contents

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In The Beginning
Front Cover Jacket
Chapter 1 - My Own (a kin to Your Own) Natural History
Chapter 2 - American Government Fraud 24/7
Chapter 3 - United States of America vs. United States
Chapter 4 - Correcting Errors in the Record
Chapter 5 - American National State Citizenship
Chapter 6 - Ownership Records
Chapter 7 - Activities Previously Done In Commerce
Chapter 8 - Communications Record
Chapter 9 - Places Where I’ve Lived
Chapter 10 - Places Where I’ve Worked for pay to survive
Chapter 11 - Have I Lived or Worked on State or Federal Land?
Chapter 12 - Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right
Chapter 13 - My Own Kindom Domain
Chapter 14 - Documents to finalize
Chapter 15 - Open Notice to all Government Employees from the bottom up
Chapter 16 - Listing of Entities I have been associated with as follows
Chapter 17 - Listing of my Document Templates
Table of Authorities
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Free Inhabitants and American Nationals Administrative Record

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