Administrative Record

By: James Allen Homyak
As published on Unruly States of Affairs

Chapter 4

Correcting Errors in the Record

Americans can [make a stand] stand up, each one individually on their own and use a document template [such as this] to mail written information to each of the agencies listed herein. As well as communications to government, we each must write to the businesses to which we’ve paid money to for any form of service they provided to us in the past. We must assert our political status in writing, otherwise it will be presumed that we wish to remain a purported U.S. Citizen and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.

Their [government] records will all undoubtedly contain information in error. Ask for them to provide information in your record which claims that you are a Federal US Citizen. That would include any mailing address that lists the state name abbreviation and ZIP Code together, for example:


Those errors have one problem in common, which is, the fact that you are named and addressed as though you are a standing Federal U.S. Citizen with a contrived domicile in the one federal district known as Washington DC and you get placed under a presumption of law which states that your LEGAL PERSON can be hauled into Court against your will for whichever trumped up charge may ever get leveled against your statutory person and your lawful natural body as if both were one in the same.. Until you rebut those presumptions, the errors may in fact stand as true in commerce and you likely end up without recourse or without a leg to stand on in order to be left alone and to live in peace.

Have you ever checked the YES checkbox to the question US Citizen? If you have, the one most important question to ask yourself now, is this: Have I ever taken an oath of US Citizenship in Court as described in the United States Code? 8 U.S. Code § 1448 - Oath of renunciation and allegiance.

If you answer this question with the answer of No, then you really were tricked all this time into believing something about your standing in citizenship that gets taken for granted by the entire American system of commerce, law and justice.

When you are actively living anywhere outside of Washington DC or any of the ancillary possessions owned by or ceded to the United States, then you are not required to falsely identify with a citizenship which may not even be possible for you unless you’ve done any of the following in your past:

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In The Beginning
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Chapter 1 - My Own (a kin to Your Own) Natural History
Chapter 2 - American Government Fraud 24/7
Chapter 3 - United States of America vs. United States
Chapter 4 - Correcting Errors in the Record
Chapter 5 - American National State Citizenship
Chapter 6 - Ownership Records
Chapter 7 - Activities Previously Done In Commerce
Chapter 8 - Communications Record
Chapter 9 - Places Where I’ve Lived
Chapter 10 - Places Where I’ve Worked for pay to survive
Chapter 11 - Have I Lived or Worked on State or Federal Land?
Chapter 12 - Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right
Chapter 13 - My Own Kindom Domain
Chapter 14 - Documents to finalize
Chapter 15 - Open Notice to all Government Employees from the bottom up
Chapter 16 - Listing of Entities I have been associated with as follows
Chapter 17 - Listing of my Document Templates
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Free Inhabitants and American Nationals Administrative Record

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