Administrative Record

By: James Allen Homyak
As published on Unruly States of Affairs

Chapter 1

My Own (a kin to Your Own) Natural History

I presently refer to myself as a living sentient being, a common man, a spiritual being who maintains my own conscious awareness… and I live alive each day in my body with my own growing history of comprehending that information which I had been told about my self from an early age - as far back as I can remember. I will even share some of the information with people around me, such as the people I serve. I was taken on a journey through technology and then I was taken offline. I had become highly successful and selfishly rich in my day. Then I blew through a lot of it and I was put out to pasture.

I will tell you some of the hearsay about me.

Every May 12th, I celebrate my birthday, as I was told that I was born that day. When I was born, my father was not in country. He was overseas serving in the United States Air Force. He wanted my name to be Allen James. However my mother had a very difficult time delivering me, so I’m told, and that she had to be medicated. Hospital staff believed her to have said that my given name was to be James Allen. That’s how I come up with the moniker of “James Allen of the Homyak family” because the name Homyak is inherited at birth but not given to me outright.

The place I was told about upon which I was purported to have been born is no longer standing. The Shakopee Minnesota Saint Mary’s Hospital was taken down years ago and now is a parking lot for the nearby county government center near the town of Shakopee.

Most of you can relate to being told your name by your mother and father. You were told what your birth date was. You are told where you live. At early ages many of us began to recite our information by name, date of birth, street address, city and state.

Pages attached to this Administrative Record will be attached later to go into details of the various events in my life, such as places we’ve moved as a family within the Minnesota union state here upon the North American continent. I will also list the year and name of places I went to school and places where I had gotten a job in order to survive with money to buy food, etc. I will tell you when I began to learn of the explosive fraud upon us.

Here is a summary of my years and non-governmental American locations where I have lived. I list these locations by geographical place name, not as a municipal residence.

Table of Contents

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In The Beginning
Front Cover Jacket
Chapter 1 - My Own (a kin to Your Own) Natural History
Chapter 2 - American Government Fraud 24/7
Chapter 3 - United States of America vs. United States
Chapter 4 - Correcting Errors in the Record
Chapter 5 - American National State Citizenship
Chapter 6 - Ownership Records
Chapter 7 - Activities Previously Done In Commerce
Chapter 8 - Communications Record
Chapter 9 - Places Where I’ve Lived
Chapter 10 - Places Where I’ve Worked for pay to survive
Chapter 11 - Have I Lived or Worked on State or Federal Land?
Chapter 12 - Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right
Chapter 13 - My Own Kindom Domain
Chapter 14 - Documents to finalize
Chapter 15 - Open Notice to all Government Employees from the bottom up
Chapter 16 - Listing of Entities I have been associated with as follows
Chapter 17 - Listing of my Document Templates
Table of Authorities
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Free Inhabitants and American Nationals Administrative Record

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